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"What we know is that it causespneumonia (肺炎)and then doesn't respond to antibiotic(抗生素) treatment, which is not surprising, butthen in terms of mortality (死亡率), SARS kills 10% of the inpiduals,"Poon, a virologist(病毒学家)at the School of Public Health at The University of Hong Kong, said.

Hereare seven things you should know about a coronavirus.

The viruses can make people sick, usuallywith a mild to moderateupper respiratory tract illness(上呼吸道疾病), similar to a common cold. Coronavirussymptoms include a runny nose, cough, sore throat, possibly a headache andmaybe a fever, which can last for a couple of days.

There are a handful of human coronavirusesthat are known to be deadly.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(严重急性呼吸综合征),alsoknown as SARS, is the other coronavirus that can cause more severe symptoms. Firstidentified in the Guangdong province in southern China, accordingtothe WHO, it causes respiratory problems but can also cause diarrhea[ˌdaɪəˈriə](腹泻), fatigue (疲劳),shortness of breath, respiratory distress (呼吸窘迫) and kidney failure (肾衰).Depending on the patient's age, the death rate with SARS ranged from0-50% of the cases, with older people being the most vulnerable(易受伤害的).

Whenit comes to human-to-human transmission of theviruses, often it happens when someone comes into contact with theinfected person's secretions [sɪˈkriːʃən](分泌物).

causeexposure. The virus can also be transmitted bytouching something an infected person has touched and then touching your mouth,nose or eyes. Caregivers (护理人员) can sometimes be exposed byhandling a patient's waste,according to the CDC.

A. to find or discover sth.

C. to change sth. into ordinary language

2.What are the symptomsof the novel Coronavirus ?

B. a runny nose, cough, sore throat, possibly a headache andmaybe a fever

D. a mild to moderateupper respiratory tract illness,similar to a common cold.

A. Viruses can spread from human contact with animals.

C. The viruses can be transmit by touching sth polluted anddroplet transmission.


After a new-type coronavirus was detected in viralpneumonia cases in Central China's Wuhan city a month ago, more cases have beenreported in recent days. _____1_____:

●Wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways toprotect you from getting infected.

●_____2_____, a mask is also needed to prevent you fromspreading germs to others.

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you coughor sneeze, or you can cough or sneeze into your sleeve, but avoid covering withyour hands directly.

Wash your hands with soap and running water thoroughlyfor at least 15 seconds.

●After returning home

●After contacting with animals or handling animalwastes

●Exercise regularly is one of the most importantways to help you stay away from catching any infections.

●Seek prompt及时的) medical attention if you have symptoms of fever andrespiratory infection.

●_____5_____. Avoid contact with wild animals or farmedlivestock without any protection.

B. Eat thoroughly cooked meat and eggs

D. Protect yourself and others from getting sick

F. If you’re not feeling well or have symptoms of fever


We are deeply saddened by thepassing of Dr. Li Wenliang.

“After emergency treatment, LiWenliang passed away,” the Central Hospital of Wuhan announced on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. “We deeply regret and mourn Li’s _____8_____ die.”


Chineseresearchers have found three ___1___existdrugs with ___2___fairgood inhibitory抑制的 effects on the novel新颖的)coronavirus ___3___thecellular(细胞的) level, a local newspaper has reported. The threedrugs are Remdesivir, Chloroquine and Ritonavir. They are now under relevant ___4___ procedureto gain approval for ___5___ clinicuse, said Hubei Daily ___6___ Wednesday. The ___7___discover was jointly made by researchers from theAcademy of Military Medical Sciences and the Wuhan Institute of Virology WIV under the ChineseAcademy ofSciences CAS.


The novel coronavirus冠状病毒, which____1____originatein the Chinese city of Wuhan and has now spread to 12countries, has much in common ____2___ seasonal flu. They are both viralinfections, share similar symptoms and crucially关键地) can spread from human to human. In themidst of flu season in much of the northern hemisphere, ____3___tell thedifference between the two will be vital in stopping its spread.

"Thisvirus appears to go___6___far down into the lungs than would generally be thecase. Therefore, it will give you___7___ symptom of pneumonia肺炎: thelungs becoming flooded, they don't function very well and the patient gets intobreathing difficulty."

Humanshave naturally built up antibodies to seasonal flu and annual vaccines____9____develop to fight it. During a pandemic流行病, whichthe new coronavirus has the potential to become, "there is no immunity免疫性 in the population so you have potentialfor a ___10___globe spread," warns Jones.


1_______addressanxiety and mental health concerns caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak,the National Health Commission has required provincial-level regions to combine2.______psychology support resources and standardize such public services.

YangFude, Party secretary of the Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, said many medicalworkers and personnel 8.____charge of registering and screening residents inneighborhoods 9.______face tremendous pressure and are pushing their mentaland physical 10____limit.


"Antibiotics do not work againstviruses, only bacteria," the WHO said on it’s official website. However,if the patient is hospitalized for the virus, he may accept antibiotics since"bacterial co-infection is possible," the organization added. Up tonow, there are no specific medicine for preventing or treating the virus, theWHO said, adding that it is working with partners to help accelerate relatingresearch and development work. "People of all ages" can be infectedwith the novel coronavirus, elder people and people with pre-existing medicalconditions are more like to suffer, the WHO said. The organization advisedpeople to wash hands after contacting with pets, which can help protect them against"various common bacteria that can pass among pets and humans." Chinesehealth authorities said on Monday that it received reports of 2,829 newconfirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection and 57 death on Sunday.



假如你是李华,给留在衡水过寒假的留学生朋友Jack写一封电子邮件, 告知其目前新型冠状病毒肺炎的形势, 请他注意防护。要点如下:
注意:1、可适当增加细节, 使行文连贯;
1.CNN关于新型冠状病毒疫苗的最新报道 疫情发展变化中


infect 传染;使感染
coronavirus 冠状病毒
health care worker 医护人员
genetic code 基因序列
coronavirus 冠状病毒,这样称呼的原因是这种病毒在显微镜下呈冠状,像一顶王冠。而 “王冠”一词在拉丁语中是corona 。按西方学术概念名称使用拉丁语(或古希腊语)的习惯,人们将corona与virus 放在一起构成合成词coronavirus,即“冠状病毒”。(virus 一词也来自拉丁语)
CNN — Ateam of scientists in Texas, New York and China are at work on a vaccineagainst the new virus that has infected lots of people worldwide. The NationalInstitutes of Health NIH is also working on a vaccine. It will take a fewmonths until the first phase of the clinical trials get underway.
“Thelesson we’ve learned is coronavirus infections are serious and one of thenewest and biggest global health threats,” said Dr. Peter Hotez, a vaccinescientist in Houston. He added that it’s less challenging to develop a vaccinefor coronaviruses than for other viruses such as HIV or influenza. If a vaccineis developed, he said, health care workers might be among the first to receiveit because they are exposed to infected patients.
2. 新型冠状病毒,你需要知道些啥
This isan outbreak of disease that started in Wuhan, one of the central Chinese cities.It’s caused by a novel corona virus that means it’s brand-new. So new thatactually it doesn’t have a name yet.
What are the symptoms?
We onlyknow about the more severe cases, which is where people have gone on to developviral pneumonia, and those people obviously end up in hospital, and all thedeaths have been amongst those people.
Where have cases beenconfirmed so far?
… andthose who have died tend actually to have underlying conditions as they say,that they’re frail, they may have heart disease or cancer already, and sothey’re vulnerable. Basically their immune systems are not very robust, andthey’re gong to find it very hard to fight off a virus.
How is this virustransmitted?
What treatment isavailable?
How serious is thisoutbreak compared to others in the past?
And thatwas largely because nobody had ever seen it before, but also the death rate wasat around 10%. And here so far we’re talking about a death rate of 2%, which isa lot less and it does look as if many of those people actually have hadunderlying health problems, which would make it more likely that they woulddie. They could equally have died of flu, so you have to put it into that context,I think.
Pneumonia situation:肺炎疫情
novel coronavirus 新型冠状病毒,“novel”在这里不是“小说”的意思,而是“新奇的,异常的”。
Confirmed case:确诊病例
Close contacts:密切接触者
Mild case:轻症
Passengers with abnormal body temperature :体温异常旅客
confirmed case:确诊病例 suspectedcase:疑似病例
close contacts:密切接触者一词中contact不作为动词,而是应用其名词含义,即接触者。
Temperature screening:体温筛查
Body fluids:体液
Under medical observation:进行医学观察
First-level emergency response:一级应急响应
Major public health and security emergencies:重大突发公共卫生安全事件
Medical assistance :医疗援助
例句:Passengers have to be quarantined for at least 14 days(乘客需至少被隔离14天).
respirator 一词有的文章中指代的是防毒面具或特定类型的口罩
Ague:[ˈeɪɡjuː] 发冷;寒颤
Diarrhea:[,daɪə'riə] 腹泻
Quarantine officer:检疫人员
Sanitary authority:检疫部门
Fever clinic:发热门诊
Health authorities:卫生主管部门
authority 的意思是“权力,权威”,英文中用它的复数形式 authorities 来指“官方、当局、当权者”。
education authorities 教育主管部门
supervisory authorities 监督部门 ; 监督管理机构
爆发 outbreak(n)
潜伏期 incubationinkju'ber'/period
密切接触者 close contacts
疑似病例 suspected cases
解除医学观察be discharged from medical observation
隔离 quarantine/kwo:ranti:n/n&v)
疫苗 vaccinevaeksi:n/
阴性的 negative
ENGLISH重症患者 patient incritical condition
临时医院 makeshift hospital

  致死率 fatality/fa'taelati'/rate